Golden-crowned Warbler

Basileuterus culicivorus




Wood-Warblers (Parulidae)

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Egg Color:

White with red brown markings at large end

Number of Eggs:

2 - 4

Incubation Days:

11 - 13

Egg Incubator:


Nest Location:

Sheltered by bank, clump of grass, or large boulder.

Nest Material:

Grasses and plant fibers, oven or dome-shaped with lining of fine materials.





Golden-Crowned Warbler: Medium-sized, tropical warbler with olive-gray upperparts and bold yellow underparts. Midcrown has yellow stripe with black borders. Face is olive-gray with a pale arc below eye. Upper mandible is gray, while lower mandible is pink. Sexes are similar.

Range and Habitat

Golden-crowned Warbler: Breeds from northern Mexico and south through Central America to northeastern Argentina and Uruguay, and on Trinidad. Also occurs in southern Texas. They occupy a broad swath of mid-to-low elevation humid and semi-humid forested areas including low scrub, lowland forests, low scrub and riparian thickets.

Breeding and Nesting

Golden-crowned Warbler: Two to four white eggs with red brown markings at large end are laid in a dome-shaped nest made of grass and plant fibers, lined with finer materials, and built in the shelter of a bank, clump of grass, or large boulder.

Foraging and Feeding

Golden-crowned Warbler: Eats mainly insects and spiders. Forages on the ground and low in trees; occasionally hawks prey.


Golden-crowned Warbler: Song is a rich whistled warble of "wee-wee-wee-seee" or "chew-che-chew-weee", ending with an up-slurred note. Call is a series of ticks or chips.

Similar Species

Golden-crowned Warbler: Orange-Crowned Warbler is olive-green above with orange crown feathers, usually hidden, and has faintly streaked olive-yellow underparts and olive-green upperparts.


Belly, undertail coverts, chest, flanks, and foreneck.

Back, rump, hindneck, wings, and crown.
The front part of the head consisting of the bill, eyes, cheeks and chin.
Lower mandibleX
The lower part of the bill.
Upper mandibleX
The upper part of the bill.
Relating to or living or located on the bank of a natural watercourse (as a river) or sometimes of a lake or a tidewater. 
Parts of a Standing bird X
Head Feathers and Markings X
Parts of a Flying bird X