Alectoris chukar




Partridges, Grouse, Turkeys, Old World Quail (Phasianidae)

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Egg Color:

Pale yellow with brown spots or speckles.

Number of Eggs:

10 - 20

Incubation Days:

22 - 24

Egg Incubator:


Nest Location:

On ground.

Nest Material:

Lined with dry grass.


Altitudinal movements



Chukar: Large quail-like bird with orange-brown and slate-blue upperparts and breast; black and rufous barred white flanks. White face has sharp black eyeline extending to neck. Bill and legs are a bright pink-red. Female is slightly smaller than male, with a duller head pattern and no tarsal knob. Bill is bright red; bare skin around eye; red legs. Juvenile is smaller, mottled brown and gray, shows light scales on flanks and head; attains traces of black collar and flanks barring; looks much like the adult at 4 months.

Range and Habitat

Chukar: Native range in Asia, from Israel and Turkey through Afghanistan to India, along the inner ranges of the Western Himalayas to Nepal, further west in southeastern Europe. Feral populations have become established in the United States, Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, high desert areas of California, Canada, New Zealand and Hawaii. Preferred habitats include arid rocky hillsides and canyons.

Breeding and Nesting

Chukar: To make the nest, the female creates a depression in the ground and lines it with grass, twigs and feathers. The nest is typically hidden under a shrub or rock. Ten to twenty brown spotted pale yellow eggs are laid in the ground nest. Incubation ranges from 22 to 24 days and is carried out by the female. Shortly after hatching, the young leave the nest.

Foraging and Feeding

Chukar: Their diet includes vegetation, primarily grass and forb seeds, green grass and forb leaves, and some shrub fruits. Occasionally they eat insects. They are primarily a ground forager. Chukars take advantage of all water sources, from rivers and creeks to springs and nearly stagnant seeps that hardly moisten the ground.


Chukar: Call is a loud, fast "chuck-chuck-chuck" along with other various cackling calls.

Similar Species

Chukar: Gray Partridge has a rust-brown face, duller bill, red bars on flanks, and lacks black necklace.

Back, rump, hindneck, wings, and crown.
Similar to the upper part of the human neck, located at the back of the crown.
The front part of the head consisting of the bill, eyes, cheeks and chin.
Parts of a Standing bird X
Head Feathers and Markings X
Parts of a Flying bird X