Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Empidonax flaviventris




Tyrant Flycatchers (Tyrannidae)

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Egg Color:

White with light brown spots at large end

Number of Eggs:

3 - 5

Incubation Days:


Egg Incubator:

Both sexes

Nest Location:

0 - 2 feet above ground., Atop hillock of moss or on upturned stumps among roots of fallen tree leaves.

Nest Material:

Twigs, rootlets, weeds, and moss., Lined with thin rootlets, grass, and fresh leaves.





Yellow-bellied Flycatcher Spring Male: Small flycatcher with olive-green upperparts, yellow underparts, and olive-green wash on breast. Spectacles are pale yellow. Wings are dark with two white bars. Sexes are similar.

Range and Habitat

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher: Breeds from central Alaska through subarctic Canada to Newfoundland, south to the Great Lakes region, northern New York, northern New England, and the Maritime Provinces. Spends winters from southern Mexico to Panama. Preferred habitats include conifer and mixed forests, swamps, bogs, and other poorly drained landscapes.

Breeding and Nesting

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher: Three to five white eggs with brown spots at large end are laid in a nest made of twigs, rootlets, weeds, and moss, and lined with thin rootlets, grass, and fresh leaves. Nest is usually built two feet or less above the ground, atop a hillock of moss or upturned stumps among roots of fallen trees.

Foraging and Feeding

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher: Feeds on a variety of insects, including, beetles, moths, tent caterpillars, flies, ants, and some spiders.

Readily Eats

Meal Worms


Yellow-bellied Flycatcher: Emits a slurring and explosive "pse-k"; also makes a short "per-WEE" song and a shrill "chiu."

Similar Species

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher: Acadian Flycatcher has pale gray throat, buff to white wing-bars, larger bill, and yellow wash on belly and undertail coverts.


Belly, undertail coverts, chest, flanks, and foreneck.

Back, rump, hindneck, wings, and crown.
The upper front part of a bird.
Parts of a Standing bird X
Head Feathers and Markings X
Parts of a Flying bird X