American Tree Sparrow

Spizelloides arborea





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Egg Color:

Light blue or green with brown spots and flecks

Number of Eggs:

3 - 7

Incubation Days:

12 - 13

Egg Incubator:


Nest Location:

1 - 5 feet above ground., Rarely low in shrub or tree., Usually atop clump of grass or moss.

Nest Material:

Stems, bark pieces, moss and grass., Lined with feathers, fur, and hair.





American Tree Sparrow: Medium-sized, gray-brown sparrow with black and rufous-brown streaks on back and wings. Crown, eyestripes, and flanks are rufous-brown, contrasting with gray face. Breast is pale gray with dark central spot and rufous-brown sides. Upper mandible is dark gray and lower mandible is yellow. Sexes are similar. Winter adult is duller. Juvenile shows less rufous-brown and has a messy, streaked appearance on head and breast.

Range and Habitat

American Tree Sparrow: Range throughout most of Alaska, the Yukon and Northwest territories, the very north of Manitoba and Ontario, all of Labrador, and in northern Quebec. Winter range includes a small part of southern Canada, and all of the United States, except for the west, and all of Florida. Preferred habitat includes moist deciduous woodlands and willow thickets along streams.

Breeding and Nesting

American Tree Sparrow: Three to seven light blue or green eggs with brown spots and flecks are laid in a nest made of stems, bark pieces, moss, and grass, with lining of feathers, fur, and hair. Nest is normally built atop a clump of grass or moss, rarely low in a shrub or tree, 1 to 5 feet above the ground. Incubation ranges from 12 to 13 days and is carried out by the female.

Foraging and Feeding

American Tree Sparrow: Eats mostly seeds during winter; also eats insects, berries, and small flowers in the summer; scratches on the ground, foliage, or snow when foraging.

Readily Eats

Cracked Corn, Millet, Sunflower


American Tree Sparrow: Song is a series of clear introductory notes followed by a variably trilled melody. Call is "tweedle-eet, tweedle-eet."

Similar Species

American Tree Sparrow: Field Sparrow is smaller, has pink bill, and lacks central breast spot.

The upper front part of a bird.
The crown is the top part of the birds head.
The front part of the head consisting of the bill, eyes, cheeks and chin.
Lower mandibleX
The lower part of the bill.
Upper mandibleX
The upper part of the bill.
Parts of a Standing bird X
Head Feathers and Markings X
Parts of a Flying bird X