Swan Goose

Anser cygnoid domesticus




Ducks, Geese and Swans (Anatidae)

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Swan Goose Head Illustration.jpg
  • Bill Shape: Spatulate
  • Eye Color: Iris can be dark brown, light brown, or blue, depending on color morph.
  • Head pattern: Plain, Unique pattern
  • Crown Color: Brown to white depending on color morph.
  • Forehead Color: All morphs have a large knob on the forehead. Color can be solid black, solid orange, or mottled orange and black.
  • Nape Color: Nape ranges from chocolate brown to white, depending on color morph.
  • Throat Color: Throat is white or tan, often with dewlap.
  • Cere color: No Data



Swan Goose Body Illustration.jpg
  • Length Range: 79-94 cm (31-37 in)
  • Weight: 2834-3119 g (100-110.05 oz)
  • Size: Large (16 - 32 in)
  • Color Primary: Tan, Brown, Gray
  • Underparts: Underparts are light brown, grayish brown, or white, depending on color morph.
  • Upperparts: Upperparts range from dark brownish-gray to Solid white, depending on color morph.
  • Back Pattern: Barred or banded, Solid
  • Belly Pattern: Barred or banded, Solid
  • Breast Pattern: Solid


Swan Goose Flight Illustration.jpg
  • Flight Pattern: Direct flight with strong wing beats. However, domestic birds rarely fly.
  • Wingspan Range: 157-185 cm (62-73 in)
  • Wing Shape: Rounded-Wings
  • Tail shape: Rounded Tail
  • Tail Pattern: Solid
  • Upper Tail: Upper tail is white, but may have some brown depending on color morph.
  • Under Tail: White
  • Leg Color: Orange
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