Bearded Screech-Owl

Megascops barbarus




Barn Owls, Typical Owls (Tytonidae & Strigidae)

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Bearded Screech-Owl Head Illustration.jpg
  • Bill Shape: Hooked
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Head pattern: Unique pattern, Eyebrow
  • Crown Color: Brown morph has dark brown and chestnut streaking or mottling; red morph has dark brown and rufous streaking or mottling.
  • Forehead Color: Facial disk in brown morph is gray-brown with faint concentric lines, a thin black border, and gray eyebrows. Red-brown morph has similar patterning, but rufous instead of gray-brown.
  • Nape Color: Gray-brown or rufous with white spotting.
  • Throat Color: Gray-brown or rufous with dark brown streaking and light vermiculations.
  • Cere color: Brown



Bearded Screech-Owl Body Illustration.jpg
  • Length Range: 16-20 cm (6.3-7.9 in)
  • Weight: 71 g (2.5 oz)
  • Size: Small (5 - 9 in)
  • Color Primary: White, Brown, Rufous or Rust
  • Underparts: White with brown scalloping and dark feather shafts.
  • Upperparts: Brown or rufous with white and black spots.
  • Back Pattern: Spotted or speckled, Mottled
  • Belly Pattern: Striped or streaked
  • Breast Pattern: Striped or streaked, Mottled


Bearded Screech-Owl Flight Illustration.jpg
  • Flight Pattern: Mothlike flight.
  • Wingspan Range: 44 cm (17.5 in)
  • Wing Shape: Broad-Wings
  • Tail shape: Rounded Tail, Squared Tail
  • Tail Pattern: Streaked and barred.
  • Upper Tail: Gray-brown or gray-red with dark brown bars.
  • Under Tail: Gray-brown or gray-red with dark brown bars.
  • Leg Color: Covered in white feathers with pinkish toes.
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