Great Horned Owl

Bubo virginianus




Barn Owls, Typical Owls (Tytonidae & Strigidae)

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Great Horned Owl Head Illustration
  • Bill Shape: Hooked
  • Eye Color: Yellowish hazel in young, becoming steel gray tinged with yellow, then brilliant yellow from age 30 days into adulthood.
  • Head pattern: Crested or plumed, Streaked, Unique pattern, Eyebrow
  • Crown Color: White with gray wash. with pale brown mottling.
  • Forehead Color: Gray-brown with paler mottling and white eyebrows. Red-brown facial disk bordered in black.
  • Nape Color: White with gray wash. with pale brown mottling.
  • Throat Color: Brown and buff barred.
  • Cere color: Black



Great Horned Owl Body Illustration
  • Length Range: 46-64 cm (18-25 in)
  • Weight: 1360 g (48 oz)
  • Size: Large (16 - 32 in)
  • Color Primary: Brown, Gray
  • Underparts: Red-brown with dark barring and white upper breast.
  • Upperparts: Dark brown with gray-brown mottling.
  • Back Pattern: Mottled
  • Belly Pattern: Barred or banded
  • Breast Pattern: Striped or streaked, Mottled


Great Horned Owl Flight Illustration
  • Flight Pattern: Direct flap and glide flight., Strong silent wing beats.
  • Wingspan Range: 91-152 cm (36-60 in)
  • Wing Shape: Broad-Wings
  • Tail shape: Rounded Tail
  • Tail Pattern: Barred
  • Upper Tail: Dark brown with gray-brown mottling.
  • Under Tail: Red-brown with dark barring.
  • Leg Color: Feathered in dark to buff, occasionally with pale brown spotting.
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